Why is Pikashow not working? [Fixing source down Error]

Why is Pikashow not working? [Fixing source down Error] for android users

Why is the Pikashow app showing me a “Source down issue” how can I solve it? There are a lot of queries from the users, which they are facing Pikashow not working properly and also whether Is Pikashow safe. if you’re facing all these types of issues on your Android and IOS version you can easily configure it and can use its latest and updated app.

Most users know this app as a streaming app for sports and series, also watching tons of movies, songs and many news channels like fashion and business news. It mostly works for arranging a huge content library through various OTT platforms including Netflix and Hotstar TV.

Fixing Pikashow not working on Android, IOS, Smart TV

Maybe several issues cause the app to not work or perform easily but most of the reasons which can cause Pikashow not to work can be solved by using some legal methods including Cache clearing, Restarting the device and installing the latest and updated app. Disappointing comes from the user, who doesn’t meet the required content by Pikashow, on the other hand, “the guaranteed and assured” streaming app for watching movies.

Cache Clearance

Somehow apps in your mobile version face viruses or cache which doesn’t perform easily and therefore due to cache most of the apps create many issues like Pikashow not working, To fix the clear cache problem simply “Open the setting in mobile”, “Select the Pikashow app” “Reset the data or cache” Try to open it again on your device.

Restart device

If any app isn’t running properly like Pikashow, simply reboot your mobile by keeping up finger on the power button and selecting restart your device option, through this method the app not working problem can be solved.

Installing the latest and Updated app

Facing an error related to an older version, simply download and install the new version of Pikashow for TV, or PC, through which you can solve the issue related to the app. Sometimes the old version may be harmful and create the issue of reloading, internet stability and buffering, just go to settings open to unknown sources and install the latest version.

Usage Vpn

Can access the Pikashow app in countries where it does not offer services, but using the VPN you can use and download any app by setting the location and don’t face any error of the app. In the case of a VPN, it solves the error of retrying issues.

Why Pikashow is not working? common Errors

The common issues related to Pikashow not working can cause and affect the visibility of the app, No dought though it has great features of content library and sports streaming high-quality videos some issues including server-down errors, Slow speed internet, Date and Time issues and live updates and felling down to access the live content sometimes by most of the users of Pikashow?

Pikashow source down Error

During opening the app, and facing the source down error for most of the queries on Formus, the solution is to download the latest version of Pikashow from our website and during the functionality just keeping the internet stable and the server fully ready, is the only solution.

Server down or maintenance

Somehow when the user accesses the app, but the server is down or unable to connect the server issue occurs due to offering illegal or copyrighted content and also includes technical server issues and poor internet connection also country doesn’t support.

  • Reboot the device
  • location setting through VPN
  • Clear the Cache
  • Fixing technical issues in the server

Why is Pikashow not connecting?

Some seasonal errors for Pikashow not working, are cache clearance and updated version of the app, Corrupted files in your device, IP Blocked issues, Factory reset and free-up space and their developer can fix the app’s update.

  • Just converted the old version into the latest and updated app
  • fixing the IP address through the VPN
  • Server down fixing

Login Issue

Login Errors occur after sharing the login details with other users and access to Pikashow is blocked and also corrupts your files, changing your email password and cache, solutions for these errors include:

  • Log out then again log in with your right Email and Password
  • clear the app cache in the mobile setting

Service unavailable & Retry problem

Pikashow not working and unavailable, causing the error in the Geographical area because can be opened in some countries therefore some users face the Pikashow isn’t available as well as the app retry option and stops on live streaming matches.

  • Using a free plan or validating your subscription again
  • Again opening the app and closing
  • Restart the device and reset the app settings.

Buffering and not loading

Why is the Pikashow APK taking time to load or to play movies and is any news channel also gaining more time to play? How i can solve the Pikashow Buffering and Reloading problem? the real cause of reloading any video or stream in the app is that it isn’t compatible with the device.

  • Must be your device compatible with the latest version
  • Stable internet
  • Try connecting the Wi-Fi


The resulting words are, mostly user who wants to solve the issue that why Pikashow not working properly and also “showing me Source down issue” Simply update the app, connect with Wi-Fi or a great connection to the Internet, Use the latest version and this version also safe and secure without any risk involved.


Is there any problem with Pikashow?

Sometimes it may harm you but mostly this app is safe and can be used for watching Movies, TV Shows, Sports streaming and live channels around 1k plus.

How do I fix the source-down issue?

Source-down errors easily can be solved by “updating the app”, Using a VPN, Stable Connection, changing the date and time, and resetting the virus.