Is Pikashow app safe? Complete Guide & Reviews

Is Pikashow app safe? Complete Guide & Reviews of viewers

Most of the queries about this app are Is Pikashow app safe? As most people talk about, Pikashow is a free app, also a safe, and secure app for watching movies, TV series, songs, dramas and sports streaming, with a high complexity of many thousands of live TV channels.

By using the VPN you can also use Pikashow on your device without any harm as through the VPN your device is protected and secure from malware. Also through the use of a VPN don’t need any stable internet connection and protects you from the external layer, which accessible more content into the geographically restricted areas by Pikashow.

Is Pikashow app safe for Android, IOS and PC

Is Pikashow app safe for Android, IOS, TV and PC, most reasons on the internet are asked by the viewers, and the answer is that Pikashow’s team agreed that Pikashow is %100 safe and secure for watching and downloading movies. This updated version is secure and can be easily used on PC, IOS and most of them on Android versions.

According to some news of Indian origin, Pikashow is not a secure app, pikashow is not working, because copyrighted content is provided to users by this platform, including OTT Networks and more companies have expressed in court against Pikashow’s policies. Somehow cases mostly streaming apps are not secure and involve some risk of revealing users’ devices’ legal data.

Pikashow also enlisted as one of the best streaming apps in the Entertainment industry but somehow has issues like requiring a stable connection, sometimes excluding data through devices, as well as due to its easy front-facing gained millions of audience. This app also has main issues like privacy and copyrighted content according to some users

What is Pikashow app?

Can we watch the movies for free on Pikashow APK? The most popular app for movies, series live songs, live channels and sportscasting also covers news known as Pikashow APK in the zone of Entertainment, but somehow abuse like Is Pikashow app safe falls down user experiment. All the premium content exported from various platforms and gathered in one place is the functionality of this live app.

Why Pikashow is best?

Do people also ask questions about why we need to use Pikashow more than other apps? The simple reason is that this app provides all Entertainment premium content free to watch and can be used on IOS, TV and PC Android. Simple 3 features of this updated app are the following

Easy interface & Eyes Protection

Any Viewer doesn’t need to understand its settings face just five minutes you can access all of Pikashow’s content like watching your favourite movies and series. It’s a big feature for your eyes protecting from the display brightness so that it arrives easiest to its downloader.

Providing paid content to Free

If you’re a fan of Netflix, Amazon Prime videos and Disney+Hotstar, but these offering content is mostly premium, Pikashow offers these premium OTT platforms in the condition of free. Through these variations, this live app faced illegal content marked by some bad reviews.

Safe and Secure app

Is Pikashow app safe to install the Pikashow APK on Android? Yes, surely it is a 100% safe and security secure app for Android and Apple devices. However, Play Store still now alerting that this is a fake or illegal app due to not being available on the store, now according to users’ experience this app has a security system and original app.

Best Pikashow 5 dominating features

Exploring the features of the Pikashow app, launched during the COVID time and gained attraction mostly in the area of India. There are a lot of features to describe this app properly but the real and popular features make the Pikashow a legal app.

HD Movies & TV Series

Tons of online movies including Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian, Punjabi, English and Horror movies provided by this app to users for free. As well as also Comedy and Hindi drama series you can watch through this app.

Live programs, Channels, Streams

This version offers Movies and you can watch live programs such as Fashion, Stories type, informational and business programs. Its most favourable thing is to autoplay the next live channels, supporting 1K plus TV channels, watching sports live streaming like football and cricket streams in ultra-high quality.

Vast Content Collection

One of the best features of this latest app is for offering content in the vast library like thousands of Movies and Series Live TV channels, Music and sports watching channels and any content related to Entertainment you will find here in only a single package.

Without Extension

Also somehow apps and websites acquired extensions for using them on devices but Pikashow has an extraordinary feature that can be downloaded and installed without any extension, personally don’t have access to private content but you can watch any video 24 for 7 free.

Pikashow common issues

Through getting benefits for using the live streaming app users also face common errors like the No Uninstall option and Didn’t available on Play Store.

Uninstall Error

We have personally used Pikashow but when you want to uninstall the application on your phone, doesn’t present the uninstall app feature of this version therefore, no uninstall option also has a bad effect on users’ satisfaction.

Unavailable on the Play Store

The availability on the Play Store of any app increases its user experience and users can trustly download the app from the store and they didn’t any worried about leaking their data. Pikashow is not available on the app store but it can be downloaded from third-party websites.


The final words of the article are that Pikashow is a safe and secure app and you can use it easily on your device and don’t need to worry about data protection, having most of the client’s positive reviews.


Is Pikashow app safe in India?

Yes, this app is safe and secure in India as this app mostly downloaders can use Pikashow from the country India.

What are the legal documents of Pikashow Apk in India?

through the different resources, some national authority telecommunication companies proved that this app is illegal and also can down its content services, but this happening news currently didn’t approve their obligation as Pikashow is a safe app for Android and iOS versions.