Pikashow Update: What New Features Revealed

Pikashow Update 2023: What New Features Revealed in the latest version

After Pikashow Update, many users faced some errors in their old version, now during the fixing most of the features improved, because Pikashow update 2023 is somehow better as gold for any app if Pikashow wasn’t available on the Play Store but during the fixing old updates by Developer most of the adding new content is well for the user.

During the procedure of “Pikashow update”, you must follow some steps, including Connecting to Wi-Fi or the Internet to avoid retry issues,” Opening the settings and changing the time and date”, Reset the App settings, Clearing the Pikashow and device cache through the factory reset, Waiting for some time for server down the error and restart your phone.

How to check Updates

Most users use the old version, but this causes many queries like Why the Pikashow app is not opening on my device. Why does Pikashow update have? why asking me to Pikashow update? All these interesting facts about updates can be solved by fixing issues of the old version.

  • To check the updates, simply open any browser supporting IOS and Android versions
  • Click on the search bar icon and type Pikashow, where you can check updates and convert to the new version
  • After updating the version, download and install again for use.

Download and Install the Updated Version

Usually, Android, IOS, PC and Mac users face the retry error and also as Fixing the source down the problem because it’s very difficult for third-party apps to scrap data from premium apps, That is why Pikashow is better for updates and you can solve this reason easily.

  • Uninstall the Existing app, acquired like Pikashow update and download the latest version from the official website
  • There must be a stable Connection, Restart the device, then move to the Pikashow app
  • After all of this open the app, and enjoy your favourite streams.

What features were enhanced after Pikashow update 2024

Through Pikashow’s regular updates, more features including Content visibility better first, Security and client reviews, Content increases, User’s favourite playlist and suggestion features more features after updating by the Pikashow team.

Security and Feedback improvement

As most of the viewers know updates coming for improvements and also for a better experience, Overcome data privacy and leaking are common errors for apps but Updating the content is more secure and safe than old data.

Content Categorized and Enhanced

Pikashow is famous for its Content including Movies, in Hindi, English, Horror, Live TV Channels of News, Fashion, Comedy and Business, and Live Songs, During this update Content has having own category, easily accessed by users. Its updates are mostly faster and better than other competitors, which helps the app to be compatible with all devices.

Without Root File

As usual, some updates are for the user’s benefit so now you can access anything which you suggested on the search bar, easily watching available on approximately all devices including TV and doesn’t require a root file for content.

Enhanced Video Resolution

During the updates, a team of Pikashow specially worked on improving high-end video quality resolution, which is a technical issue due to gathering data through various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos etc.

Stay with new movies and series

How you can stay live with Pikashow to watch the latest happening, news, movies and series. there are various options to attach to this streaming app like enabling Notifications and subscribing to the Newsletter of Pikashow, Following on Social Media Forums and searching for trending news about new Movies

Best reasons for using Pikashow

  • Easy to understand and Valuable Content
  • Compatible with IOS, PC, Mac and Android version
  • Allows to watch offline and supported up to ultra 4k results
  • Fast server working and mostly ads not disrupting
  • A new web series and Live Music channels added
  • Not showing Retry Error and double speed has increased


Pikashow APk updates are mostly beneficial and easily tackle these technical errors by Contacting with Pikashow support team, Using VPN, Changing the time and date in the device, Pikashow not working Cache clearance, Server down error fixing and finally updating the app to the latest version, rebooting your phone.


How much time is required Pikashw for Updating?

During a very short time, Update Pikashow uninstall the older version and the install latest version, for opening, must reboot your device and then you can use it.

Why Pikashow is showing a Retry Error?

Sometimes during the video streaming, Pikashow itself stops the video and then shows a Retry error in front, but you must clear the cache problem and update the app before you can be watched again.