Why Pikashow is not on Play Store [Unveiling Detailed Guide]

Why Pikashow is not on Play Store [Unveiling Detailed Guide] for Blocking

The widely popular queries, whether using Pikashow to enhance multi-dimensional online amusements capabilities but taking some new technical problems and causing the defeated of stream lovers to trustability that’s way new tackling in the modern era having personalized to that why my Pikashow is not on Play Store? Why do these similar streaming platforms face the Play Store banned issues?

After being released into the Entertainment industry, it gained a huge audience of movie lovers, TV shows and episodes consisting of series, not to bother while having multiple ideas live TV channels around 1000+ and thousands of new movies appear on the user’s front space. As much popularity occurring in this place some illegal issues cause privacy problems and therefore Pikashow is not on Play Store.

Mainly causing the unavailability of any Entertainment and Media usage application, facing user data privacy-related problems, and somehow user’s loss of leisure there are also many alternative streaming programs available to compete with this illegal or copyrighted content software. To solve this error of Pikashow is not on the Play Store, a piece of detailed information was discussed to improve usage.

Why Pikashow is not on Play Store?

There are several factors, based on different problems its main inaccessible is that offering scrapping material by extracting the original content from official Entertainment sources, unverified from the authority platforms like App Store due to intellectual properties, while during the working functionalities, its stream also was present on Play Store, but due to some concerns officially removed and now can be approached through the third parties.

Copyright Breach

Pikashow is not on Play Store, assorting to various kinds of Exclusive rights by the way of appearing without permission of content’s holder as disposing of movies, TV shows, series, global news, documentaries and news channels from the sources to placing on the unofficial program is somehow tricking to ott platforms to act on these programs to disclose them across the world.

Suspend or Discontinue

Seeking to use of Pikashow mechanism, but facing the multiple challenges of banning or suspending the Indian-origin app throughout the high court of Delhi, in a certain way it is an unparallel or inappropriate application for security reasons, but these preferences to close this streaming on worldwide but in rare cases this app is safe and secure and free to use.

Incompatible with Play Store

One of the reasons is somehow not compatible with store functionalities like improper optimization of content, copyrighted strike errors, and technically complex performance, glitches, unsupported areas missing and didn’t meet with privacy abnormals and moreover.

Click Spamming

Mostly Entertainment and Media applications somehow abuse click manipulation that appears unaware advertisement on the user’s end therefore bigger platforms count and face these losses due to unusual streaming software and in the usual way one of the causes determining that Pikashow is not on Play Store.

Consumer Safety Regulation

No doubt that Pikashow is the largest Entertainment collecting program which sure you free worldwide stream data including Sports, Movies, live TV channels and moreover. While excelling more little bit in user data privacy, meanwhile accessing your Login or Signup details? neither this app requires you to offer free digital landscape without a premium subscription.

Alternative on Play Store?

Taking to advanced complexities, new emerging Media programs occurring on the Play Store and also known as Alternative of Pikashow which constantly work properly and don’t harm user’s privacy details. These software likely are “Red Box TV, Hotstar, Modbro and more. Most users try to find free streaming services therefore here are the best free alternatives easily available for download.


Also, a perspective third-party stream app, providing to huge audience with acquirable knowledge or amusement material of unlimited live TV channels and popular Movies or TV series. But as commonly viewers fearful to install it due to uncompressing policy concerns this application is suitable for watching free content.


Pikashow itself is a huge stream software commonly popular for Indian-origin apps in the market while Hotstar has paid audiences with premium subscription plans to arrive thousands of live channels and numerous famous and upcoming films across the world, which means approaches from different areas to enjoy more as this program is convenient, you can found on official web or through the authority platforms to download on your device.

Red Box Tv

Seeking to applicable of only a free program, compatible with multiple devices including IOS, PC, Mac and adaptations of smart TVs. Speciality to showing variable stream data containing the list of popular movies, unlimited versatile of live television channels gathering into one user live attribute end as well as simple and easy to use interface hardly didn’t much time required to understand its friendly interface.

Pros and Cons


  • If Pikashow is not on the Play Store but has almost an interest in streams, you can download and access it securely through our site.
  • Something advanced capabilities and complexities as offering you free access to multi-dimensional content particularly thousands of Football, Cricket and News channels.


  • While installing this app, some viewers face the notification that “access your data” This kind of losing your privacy details
  • As under securing Pikashow harm your device in another way than rooting your device mechanism and the highest platform shows you these errors and removes the access.


Individually the same requirements as Pikashow is not on Play Store, several purposes caused its blocked on prominent platforms, weather after this discourage of this application didn’t down any fame as it can be accessed through third-party sources to enhance or exposure your media or recreation expertise and through the intended features, like one click download and subtitles enabling. For helping procedure a detailed guide or information disclosed by personally useable resources.


If Pikashow is not on Play Store, Can I get an Alternative?

According to different sources, an abundance of programs is also available on these authority sites you can download Redbox TV, Thop TV and other sources.

Is there a monthly fee for the Pikashow app?

Neither, its free seamless Entertainment content collective program, no acquire to burden on your pocket due to offering free extensive library.