Top 20 Pikashow Alternatives apps for [Movies and TV Shows]

Top 20 Pikashow Alternatives apps for [Movies and TV Shows] on Android

The most preferred thing comes from Pikashow, as this latest version offers all movies, TV Shows, Sports, News and Songs and a huge Entertainment industry content library. This app is free and has a to-use front structure for users, You can watch national and international Content by using this latest version of Pikashow Alternatives.

It doesn’t have its content, but it scrapes all of the Entertainment Movies TV Shows and news through all the official sites and gathers to its huge content library because thousands of movies, and 1000+ TV channels including sports and news, make this app a variety of other than apps. Top Pikashow alternatives have free features and the following: Pikashow is listed as the top free sports apps

Pikashow Alternatives

Cinema HD

Cinema HD looks like Pikashow and has an ability structure for movies and TV shows watching, also supports various types of movies including horror, anime, Bollywood and Hollywood movies. By using this app you can watch all these dramas freely in very high quality.


One of the most streaming apps in Pikashow Alternatives, it offers a vast content library, 5000 plus live TV channels, Upcoming Events and happening news, Entertainment movies and TV series It is also known for its ability to watch content free for viewers. large calendar and content categorize of Hollywood and South, international movies which differ from other live apps.

Hd Streamz

This latest live-watching app also has a variety of content including Movies, TV shows, Series, News, Sports and live TV channels, representing HD Streamz features like HD Quality video and Live matches. this streaming app offers video content from over 20 countries and supports other languages.


this app somehow has video-quality content, It is not comparatively highly easy to use and is a free app than a streaming app. Viooz also offers to watch movies and TV shows, as well as sports live channels and discover thousands of the latest movies and series, as also enlisted in illegal movie-watching apps.

Bee Tv

Bee TV also can be used for movie-watching and has the most popular features like “Special Request” By using this request you can avail your favourite series and movies by requesting Bee TV. This app has more abilities including Chromecast, HD quality videos, Easy to use and without any paid subscription, and a good-looking interface.

PlayBox Hd

playbox enlisted in a free app for movies, trending and latest news and sports streaming. the most important thing about any app is the features of the app. Playbox has a lot of system availability including Subtitle support, Kids Mode, Chromecast support and exciting features for offline watching movies without the internet.

Ocean Streamz

Offering top Movies, TV shows, Anime videos, Sports and Korean dramas, it also provides content free without any subscription and provides a download button, having various high-quality streaming videos makes it very different from other apps. All videos on ocean streams can be watched through video players like MX Player, and VLC.

Picasso App

In the Entertainment industry, it provides a huge content library on Movies and TV Shows, having various features including a User-friendly interface, quality streaming videos, search bar to get your favourite movies. Picasso App provides also seasonal dramas and other videos like cricket and Football matches.

Redbox Tv

The vast collection of live TV channels including Baby TV, BBC and many channels supported by the Redbox TV app, mostly works to provide Movies, Sports and somehow happening news offering this app to its users through various premium countries.


if you are a sports fan and love to watch sports matches like cricket, football and tennis ball, AOS TV provides different sections for sports streaming where you can watch various live channels of sportscasting. this version also covers trending topics and News. This app’s top 3 interesting features are “4k quality videos”, 24 24-hour support system and live sports streaming.

Jio cinema app

Jio Cinema itself is a huge TV network on which you can movies as well as Hindi, tamil, English, Kannada and Punjabi movies, also other horror and dangerous movies provide this app. Mostly its users come from Asian countries and also watch sports as well as News. Jio Cinema has many features like Ad-free, Multi Language, Parental control and more.

CineHub Apk

The CineHub App has an easy front interface, providing trending entertainment content including comedy, movies, series and live matches to engage users’ satisfaction with the Cinehub app. It has a wonderful feature that you can explore any movie history, cast, reviews, actors and models who performed a movie.

Stremio App

The Stremio App is famous as an alternative to the Pikashow app, people also ask their queries about whether the Stremio app is safe. Surely this app has its content streaming services and can be legally used on mobile. Can you watch free movies or content on Stremio? Yes, this latest app has free content for users and you can download it from the Play Store.

Pikashow Alternative for PC

There are the top 5 Pikashow alternatives of Pikashow for PC, If you want to download and install Pikashow similar apps for PC include Hotstar, IPTV, Thop TV, and Live TV Net and Pikashow for tv can be accessed easily.


A live video casting app, which offers free and premium subscriptions, by using you can watch premium movies, series and live news, also has many abilities in its free content variation. For downloading and installing the app go to their official website and open or use it on your phone.


If you’re a huge fan of only Television series or Dramas, Internet protocol television is one of the best choices for watching live dramas and series. Supports 300 plus live TV channels in the whole world, and also offers the multilanguage option, Chromecast and an easy-to-use interface attracting viewers for use.

Thop TV

An exciting and well-known app, through which you can watch your favourite Movies, Series, Cartoon, Drama and Sports news also known for its abilities including unlimited features, External player, Customer Support and live chat, also can be used on PC, Smart TV and Fire TV.

Live TV Net

More than 700 hundred channels, Highly resulting videos, and Favourable support of the Live Net TV app make its user experience easy to use and reliable. If you want to engage with entertainment viral and trending content, this app is best for you.

Best 3 Paid Alternatve for pikashow

As well as Pikashow also has various features which are included in premium apps like Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix and Hulu. These paid apps avail of premium subscriptions, Movies and other features.

Amazone Prime Videos

Amazone Prime Video has various expensive plans to access Entertainment content, in the premium availability offering valuable support like One-click downloading, Vast movies and TV shows collection, subtitle support and auto video playing. If you want to access it free, simply click on sign up and go with the free trial where you can watch movies, sports streaming, and series and also you can download movies.


The most viewable platform regarding movies and TV shows is Netflix, through which you can watch your favourite movies in 4k results. Can we recharge Netflix for 1 year? yes by converting an annual subscription of 7k you can also enjoy with extra features of their support. Web Series, Valuable content and subtitles support make Netflix is reliable source for users in this difficult Era.


This app also has premium content, sports streaming, live happening news, movies and drama series, also provides valuable support like one-click download, subtitles support and save in the playlist. Hulu offers 100-plus live TV channels and can be accessed in countries around 150 and also known for Pikashow alternatives. Having a premium subscription Hulu provides mostly famous and popular movies like “Love at First Stream”.


in the above post, we have mentioned the best Pikashow alternatives, some of them can be used like Pikashow, and most of them are free apps that can be downloaded in single steps and also have premium subscription alternatives of Pikashow like Netflix. As the Pikashow app mostly didn’t have its entertainment content other apps which we mentioned above can be used as beneficial apps.


Is Pikashow a Chinese app?

Pikashow is an Indian-origin app, that provides all scraping content in one place from other OTT networks. On this app, users can also watch live TV channels and sports streaming without paying any paid subscription.

Which app is better than Pikashow?

As this updated and free-to-use app mostly engages its viewers but the top-level Pikashow alternatives are Tubi TV, RedBox TV and more.

IS Pikashow legal in India?

Pikashow has mostly copyrighted content and scrapes from other resources, therefore this app is illegal for users in India.